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Taste is above all a matter of sensation, flavour, aroma and texture. A gustatory balance that only true expertise can achieve, and no enhancer or additive can ever equal. Chefs, charcutiers and pastry chefs have unique artisanal skills we are committed to protecting. This culinary heritage would certainly not survive without the incredible diversity of our regional products. It's a winning combination for those who seek uncompromising quality.

Antoine d’Espous, CEO - Thierry Delaval, Managing Director

Our history

The CA Traiteur & Salaisons group was formed through the alliance of three major companies rooted in the tradition of French charcuterie tradition : Loste, Grand Saloir Saint Nicolas and Tradi-France. Now a producer and distributor of charcuterie and deli products for catering professionals and independent distributors, CA Traiteur & Salaisons aspires to defend the skills and specialities of our regions each and every day.

Boasting a rich and varied range of dried charcuterie, deli products, fine foods, and more, CA Traiteur & Salaisons has steadily secured its role as a key player for catering professionals and retailers. Its subsidiaries strive each day to showcase our region’s specialities building on the legacy of skills and techniques inherited from French culinary artisans.

    • 1866 1866_création marque Loste

      Creation of the Loste brand Pierre Loste, an artisan-charcutier in Saint-Symphorien-sur-Coise (French département of Rhône department).

    • 1951 1951_création Grand Saloir Saint Nicolas

      Creation of the Grand Saloir Saint Nicolas charcuterie shop by Mr. Philippe.

    • 1990 1990_Grand Saloir Saint Nicolas dans le traiteur

      Grand Saloir Saint Nicolas branches out into catering.

    • 1992 Groupe CATS_1992_rachat marque Loste

      The Loste brand is bought by Antoine d’Espous.

    • 1999 Groupe CATS_1999_Export

      The company begins exporting.

    • 2003 Groupe CATS_2003_rachat David Master et GSSN

      Grand Saloir Saint Nicolas and David Master are bought by Antoine d’Espous.

    • 2005 Groupe CATS_2005_rachat société Sapresti Traiteur

      Creation of Sapresti Traiteur to develop the catering activity acquired by Grand Saloir Saint Nicolas.

    • 2006 Groupe CATS_2006_rachat société Chavey

      Takeover of Chavey, a company located in Custines (French département of Meurthe-et-Moselle) from the French poultry producer Doux.

    • 2008 Groupe CATS_2008

      Takeover of traditional sectors (ABC, Tradi-France, SDP Rungis and Salaisons du Douesy) from Aoste.

    • 2012 Groupe CATS_2012_rachat société TLC

      Purchase of TLC based in Sotteville-les-Rouen (French département of Seine-Maritime).

    • 2014 Groupe CATS_2014_rachat sociétés Frais Devant et MGéraud

      Purchase of Maxime Géraud and Frais Devant, two companies based in Brie-Comte-Robert (French département of Seine-et-Marne).

    • 2017 Groupe CATS_2017_rachat société Lartigau

      Purchase of Lartigau located in Haut-Mauco (French département of Landes).

    • 2018 Groupe CA Traiteur et Salaisons_Patrick Breton

      Purchase of Patrick Breton located in Olemps (French département of Aveyron).

    Our subsidiaries
    • Breton Distribution

      Based in Aveyron, Breton Distribution is a leader in deli products, cured meats and caterers in the Midi-Pyrénées French region. It distributes many regional and Aveyron specialties such as aligot, ham with bone or charcuterie "Pork of the Aveyron".

    • Maxime Géraud

      Our specialist in the Ile-de-France region, Maxime Géraud guides and advises its customers on everything from product selection to sales (fresh-packaged, deli counter or self-service sections), guaranteeing a varied range of seasonal, innovative products to suit their needs.

    • Salaisons du Douesy

      Our incomparable cooked charcuterie and salted meat products from northern France are produced by Salaisons du Douesy, located in in Douai (French département of Nord).

    • Lartigau

      Lartigau, specialising in the gastronomy of south-western France, has made an art of working with little-known speciality cuts like pork spider steak for consumers to enjoy marinated or grilled.

    • Frais Devant

      Bold and innovative, our pre-sliced unit Frais Devant demands the highest standards of quality for the pleasure of sharing good food.

    • ABC Industrie

      ABC Industrie's core business is the production of premium cooked hams and ham products (sliced ham and bacon). Its Noixfine hams cooked on the bone are a leading choice for butchers, deli and cold meat professionals, and caterers.

    • Le Mont de la Coste and Les Monts de la Roche

      Located in the Auvergne region, our Le Mont de la Coste and Les Monts de la Roche production units are specialised in dried charcuterie and renowned for their savoir-faire. Their products carry the LOSTE label.

    • TLC

      TLC is a company dedicated to the production, sales and distribution of tasty food and beverages in Normandy. Outstanding products and services are the keys to its success.

    • Sapresti Traiteur

      Specializing in the distribution of original charcuterie and deli products, Sapresti Traiteur takes pride of place in the fresh-packaged and deli counter sections of supermarkets. It owes its success to the tasty solutions it offers for everything from innovative snacks, to daily food items to products for celebrations.

    • Grand Saloir
      Saint Nicolas

      Through its centennial brand Loste and the Loste Tradi-France sales team, Grand Saloir Saint Nicolas produces and distributes high-end fresh products for food trade professionals.

    • David Master

      David Master is our affiliate distributor for charcuterie and poultry in eastern France.

    • SDP Rungis


      SDP Rungis strives on a daily basis to offer consumers new flavours with delicious local and international fine food products.

    Our iconic brands

    Our brands serve as ambassadors for an extensive range of fresh deli products and cooked and dried charcuterie.

    They are dedicated to satisfying our most instinctive requirement: taste.

    Key figures
    Groupe CA Traiteur et Salaisons

    Over 10,000


    10 production sites
    4 logistics platforms

    Over 2500
    fresh products
    include in our catalog

    Our locations

    CA Traiteur & Salaisons owes much of its success to

    a strong network of staff across France and abroad.

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