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Our human resources policy

Our group’s daily aim is to share the values of recognition and goodwill so that each and every one of us can continuously improve and push ourselves to achieve higher standard in everything we do. The importance attributed to Human Resources development relies on proactive skills management, in terms of both the passing on of expertise and the acquisition of new skills. Young graduates or more experienced staff all have their place in the group, where diversity and an enterprising spirit are part of our core identity.

Team of Human Resources

Our vision of the profession

With us, work is above all a matter of taste: a taste for success, a taste for challenge, and a taste for sharing knowledge and skills. CA Traiteur & Salaisons is a group that values its employees with the aim of everyone succeeding together. We are constantly on the lookout for new talent, and make it a point of honour to share our passion for what we do with those who aspire to join our teams.

A taste for joint effort
A taste for success ...

CA Traiteur & Salaisons, bolstered by brands such as Loste and Sapresti Traiteur, promotes the savoir-faire of our regions in France and abroad.

We owe our success to our unique vision of a profession that combines tradition and innovation. Year after year, we continue to diversify and acquire new skills through constant external growth without ever losing sight of our taste for excellence. It is a strategy which stands as proof that a business can prosper whilst respecting consumers.

A taste for challenge ...

We are convinced that respect for tradition can be a means of progress. This is why we strive to preserve our regional products yet at the same time keep pace with new modes of consumption.

A taste for sharing knowledge and skills ...

By cultivating the values of joint effort and individual success, our company's expertise is passed from one generation to the next. With this in mind, we are particularly interested in building and developing our employees’ professional skills.

We also wish to pass this expertise those entering the profession in the future through work-study programs.

A carreer, a path, ambitions
A taste
for learning

Our training policy reflects our commitment to an ongoing adaptation to change and our ever-evolving industry.

It also focuses on maintaining our expertise, upholding our employment policy and the transition from one generation to the next. Similarly, our training program serves as a tool to steer employees towards our core roles and help them manage their career path.

A taste for professional mobility

A career path is above all about developing a way forward within a company. All of the career options within our group open the door to opportunities both in France and abroad. Young graduates, those talented individuals who want to build a career with us, are key drivers of our development. We are constantly adjusting career paths to satisfy their desire for professional mobility.

A taste
for diversity

Our desire for diversity involves more than striving to achieve gender balance in the workplace: our remuneration policy is aligned with the values of equal pay. Diversity is also reflected in our resolve to welcome women and men from a wide variety of backgrounds, in terms of education, culture and personal experience. From older members of staff to people with disabilities, we attach great importance to helping each person find his or her place in our company.

What our staff say
    • After a period of six years in Douai site (French département of Nord), I had to follow my husband who was transferred to Ille-et-Vilaine. The group naturally offered me a position at their Bédée site.

      Nathalie - Client Service Manager

    • Although I had no qualifications, the company had faith in my ability. She had offered me a permanent contract with skills improvement training. Today, I’m proud to be a maintenance technician.

      Yohann - Maintenance Technician

      Former pastry chef, I joined the group 16 years ago. Today, I am a culinary designer in the R&D department: among other things, I develop new pastry recipes for our products. 

      Patrice - Culinary designer

      A baker by trade, I have held various positions within the group since 2004. From dough mixer to line operator and maintenance worker, I am now team leader of the pasta workshop, which has a staff of 30 people.

      Frédéric - Team Leader - Le Mesnil-en-Vallée

    • I began in 1982, and have since taken on a variety of logistics roles on different sites. I've wanted to develop my career. In 2015, I obtained a professional qualification and now manage a team.

      Corinne - Logistics Team Manager

    • A friend of mine who works in the company submitted my CV. I had no experience of debt recovery, but the company gave me a chance and backed me in this new challenge!

      Aurélie - Debt Recovery Agent

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